5 Best Kitsune Masks to buy in 2022

"Kitsune" is the Japanese word for "fox" and often used to refer to mystical creatures similar to spirits or ghosts in Japanese folklore.

The more positive sense of "fox spirit" refers to a "beautiful woman" who behaves seductively and takes on a fox shape. The more negative sense, refers to "tricksters" that take delight in troubling humans.

Foxes are thought of as being intelligent beings possessing magical powers, so they are usually female when they are portrayed as protagonists in legends alongside other supernatural characters such as goblins or cats with human ancestry.

Mask-makers would design Kitsune masks based on kitsune lore for street festivals in Japan.

What is a Kitsune Mask?

In Japan, kitsune masks are worn for events such as dances about ghost stories or other themes involving the supernatural such as at shrines where people gave thanks to kami (deities). 

Since kitsune is a common disguise for Inari, the fox deity of agriculture, these masks would usually be found on New Year's Eve or at some festival days dedicated to said deities for this purpose.

Kitsune masks are traditional Japanese masks that cover the whole face of the wearer. They were originally made from wood or leather before they became more popular, now they are made with many different types of materials. 

Types of Japanese Kitsune Mask

Kitsune masks can be categorized by colors, designs (fox expressions and drawings on the mask), and by half-face & full-face. 

The most common kitsune mask colors are white (with black, red, golden, green and blue designs), Black with red and golden designs and Golden.

White Kitsune Masks are generally considered good foxes however there are some white masks with cunning or angry expressions.

Black Kitsune masks give expression of bad or scarier foxes however some black masks are really cute.

Golden Kitsune Masks are unique and beautiful. They are often used for festivals and parties.

Beside all this, we now have LED Kitsune Masks.

What is LED Kitsune Mask?

LED kitsune Mask

Led kitsune masks are new and innovative masks that are made with led lights and are great masks for the night. There are many colors you can choose from for these LED fox masks.

Where to Buy a Kitsune Mask?

There are so many places in Japan you can buy Kitsune Masks from. Such stores usually have a wide variety of masks, including Kitsune masks.

If you are not in Japan and looking for a high-quality Kitsune mask. you can buy it online. JapaneseOniMasks.com is a specialized store for Japanese masks and you can find quality Masks and costumes and other Japanese products here.

Here are 5 of the Best Kitsune Masks you can buy:

1. Black & White Kitsune Mask

This one is a full-face and unique black & white mask with red and golden painting on it. At first glance it looks scary. 

black & white kitsune mask

When I saw this one I thought "wow that's so cool" but then I noticed the white part, a child is looking out of the mask: it makes the mask a bit calmer and more friendly and well.

2. Simple White Fox Mask

Simple white kitsune mask

A simple, white-colored mask. It's one of the most popular types of kitsune masks that you can find, and it is believed to protect the wearer from being possessed by a fox spirit.

3. Mori Kitsune Mask

mori kitsune mask

Mori Kitsune is the fox of the forest and according to the tales, it has the magical powers over flowers, plants and animals of the forest. The flowers and fish on the mask represents the beauty of the nature and the Mori kitsune Mask.

4. Black & Golden Kitsune Mask

Kitsune Mask

This one is beautiful mask. It looks particularly beautiful as the colors black and golden look very bright and shiny on it. It has a cute face. Kitsune is the Japanese fox spirit, known for its intelligence and cunning abilities.

5. Angry Kitsune Mask

Angry Kitsune Mask


Kitsune are powerful mythical creatures and when angry they can bring chaos and harm with their cunning abilities. This one is a white and red Fox mask and is one is the most used in festivals.

[Editors Pick] LED Kitsune Fox Mask

Using LED lights on masks is a unique idea and put on Kitsune masks, it has been brilliant experience. 

LED kitsune masks are the latest trend. We can buy LED kitsune masks in any color of our choice.

They are rechargeable, full-face masks and come with a charger and built-in batteries. They are the best day night masks for any occasion.

Things to keep in mind when buying a Kitsune Mask:

Buying fox masks are fairly easy as there are many shops that are selling them but finding a quality product at a good price might take a little research. I'll help you with that.

Are Kitsune Masks Expensive?

It all depends on the material used and if they are hand-made or not. Prices on our store are affordable and we have made sure that they are less than other shops online.

Our masks are hand-painted by the artists.

Are Kitsune Masks Durable?

Most masks are made out of PVC plastic. Thicker the plastic, the more durable the mask. I would still say that they shouldn’t be handled roughly, as even though they are strong and durable, they can still be damage if mishandled or dropped a few times.

Easy Returns and Exchanges?

Well, that's pretty basic, knowing if the product is easily returnable or exchangeable. Have a look at the refund policy of a store you are buying from before you make a purchase.

If you're interested in a kitsune mask for yourself or as a gift, we've got the masks to suit your needs. For those who want more than just a face-covering accessory, there are some latest LED kitsune masks available on the store!

Put on one of these unique masks and transform into any creature imaginable - even if they don't exist yet! Have fun shopping around today and be sure to let us know if we can help with anything else.

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