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The Japanese Masks

The use of Masks in Japan extends back into prehistory; however they are still used today as well. Japanese Masks such as Japanese Demon Oni mask, the Japanese Fox kitsune mask, "Hannya mask" & Samurai mask are decorative and can be seen in art festivals, special events, dances, and on stage. Most of the traditional Japanese Masks are based on myths or ancient Folktales. These types of masks have become some of the most popular Japanese masks that you’ll see today. Japanese Masking goes back centuries with roots tied to religious ceremonies used in Shinto practices in Japan between 800-1600 AD.

These days, any person can purchase traditional Japanese Masks for decoration purposes at festivals and special events around the world, but it is important to know where they originated from the history behind why these symbols were created. In some traditions, Evil Eye Jewellary is also very famous. These fashion accesories are believed to ward off evil spirits.

Oni Masks | Latex vs. Fiberglass

We have both types of Oni masks available on our store. Here are some key differences between latex and fiberglass Oni mask.

✅ Latex masks are made from a softer, more flexible material. This makes them more comfortable to wear and easier to move around in. Latex masks are also generally less expensive than fiberglass masks.

✅ Fiberglass masks are made from a harder, more durable material. This makes them less flexible but also more resilient and resistant to damage. Fiberglass masks are generally more expensive than latex masks.

✅ The build quality and the paint quality of fiberglass Oni mask is better than latex masks. If you are on budget, we would definitely suggest you to buy high quality fiberglass masks rather than latex or plastic masks.

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