Collection: Samurai Masks

What is Samurai Mask?

Samurai masks are the name given to all of those that they wore. Another name for a samurai mask is men yoroi, menpu, or mengu. 

Samurai masks are traditional Japanese face mask that is worn for protection and disguise. The mask was used in Japan from the 11th century to protect wearers from sword blows, arrows, and projectile attacks. These masks were usually made of metals or leather and often had bold colors like red, black, yellow, white, and blue.

Samurai warriors wore these masks during battles to intimidate their opponents and prevent them from recognizing who they were. Often times the only part of the face visible under the mask would be two small eyeholes or slits for vision; this prevented any identifying features such as facial hair or scars on someone's face from giving away their identity. These days samurai masks can be found commonly worn at festivals like Halloween but also in martial arts competitions where people use them for decoration or intimidation purposes.

Types of Samurai Mask:

There are many different types of samurai masks, and each one had a specific purpose. The Somen, Menpo, Hanbo, and Happuri are the four types of samurai masks.

Somen: The Somen is the most basic type of samurai mask and was often used by high-ranking samurai. This mask is typically made of metal or leather that covers the entire face and has small eyeholes for vision. This mask was mainly used for protection against sword blows and arrows.

Menpo: The Menpo is a samurai mask that was often used by lower-ranking samurai and foot soldiers. This is a half-face mask that covers the face from nose to chin.

Hanbo: This is a smaller version of the Menpo mask. The lower face is covered from below the nose to the chin by a Hanbo mask.

Happuri: forehead and cheeks: The Happuri samurai mask is a type of mask that covers the forehead and cheeks. This mask was often made of metal and was used as a part of their armor.

Today samurai masks are often used in martial arts competitions, theatrical performances, and festivals like Halloween. They are also used as part of costumes or as part of decorations.

In martial arts competitions, masks can be used for both protection and intimidation purposes. Masks with protruding horns or spikes can make an opponent scared to come face to face with you. On the other hand, masks are colorful and have playful designs.