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Elevate Your Manicure Game with Japanese Gel Nails

If you are searching “Japanese gel nails near me” you have come to the right place because we sell authentic Japanese gel nails worldwide. Simply choose the Japanese gel nails you like and we will deliver them to you in a few business days. We have a large selection of colors, shapes, and styles. Our Japanese gel nail designs can be used to accentuate your existing nails or they can be used as an artistic way to create a new design. They provide a perfect base for your nails.

Japanese gel nails are the best nail polish solution for people who want to keep their nails looking great for long periods of time. They are also ideal for people with sensitive skin. Our Japanese gel nails are gaining popularity in the beauty industry. We are always trying to make our customers happy by providing them with high-quality products at low prices. Our Japanese gel nails are made with 100% natural materials and they are not harmful to your health. So don't wait any longer place your order now.

Get a Manicure using our Japanese Gel Manicure Kit

You can get a manicure using our Japanese gel nails. This kit comes with everything you need to complete a professional-looking manicure at home. The nail polish is applied in a semi-opaque manner, so you can still see your natural nail underneath it. The manicure kit includes tools like files, buffers, and buffers, as well as a free-flowing top coat to seal your mani for up to 3 weeks! This kit is perfect for beginners who want to try the process of having their nails done professionally. 

This product is perfect for the busy individual who wants to have a manicure without having to sit still for hours on end. This kit comes with everything you need to do your own gel manicure at home, including the gel, base coat, and top coat. The kit is easy to use and has everything you need except scissors or nail clippers. The kit comes with instructions so you don't have any problems while doing your nails.

Become Creative using Japanese Gel Polish

Our Japanese gel polish can be used to create a variety of looks. With Japanese gel nail polish, you can create stunning designs with minimal effort. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and finishes, so your options are virtually limitless when it comes to creating designs that are perfect for you. Japanese gel polish is also easy to remove and doesn't damage the natural nail underneath. This means that you don't have to worry about damaging your natural nails while trying out new looks.

Guide To Using our Japanese Gel Nails

Japanese gel nails are also known as gelish, gel polish, or gel extension. Japanese gel nails can be applied to natural nails or artificial nails. The procedure of applying Japanese gel nails is very similar to regular nail polish applications. Follow the following simple steps to polish your nails: 

  • Wet your nails and apply a base coat.
  • Lightly buff the nail surface with a dry cotton swab or nail buffer.
  • Apply one coat of your choice of polish, then allow it to dry completely before applying another coat if necessary (this will make it easier to work with).
  • Paint on our Japanese gel top coat over the nail, allowing it to dry completely before applying a third coat if desired (for longer-lasting nails).

Buy our Japanese Nail Products Now

Our Japanese gel nail is one of the best products in Japan. It's easy to apply and gives a nice finish in minutes. Our Japanese gel nail is made for professional use. We have different colors to choose from, such as white, black, red, green, and blue. Our products are made of high-quality materials and are 100% safe to use. Our products are widely used in beauty shops, salons, and spas. Also, check out our collection of Traditional Japanese Earrings and Japanese Headband to follow the Japanese fashion trends.

So what are you waiting for, buy a Japanese gel polish now and give your nails the treatment they deserve.


What Are Japanese Gel Nails?

Japanese gel nails are a type of artificial nail that is made using pure resin, which is a synthetic polymer that is used in the manufacturing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products. These nails are designed to look like real nails with a natural finish, which means they can be worn like regular polish.

Is It Safe To Wear Gel Nails?

Yes, it is completely safe to wear if you are a healthy person without any allergies or health conditions.

Can I Remove Japanese Gel Nails Myself?

Yes, you can remove your Japanese gel nails yourself by filing down ridge lines with an emery board or rubber file and then removing the remainder with tweezers or some kind of cuticle pusher.

What Are The Benefits Of Japanese Gel Nails?

The main benefit of Japanese gel nails is that they last much longer than regular acrylics, but you will have to pay a little more for them. If you want your nails to last, go for gel nails.

What Is The Difference Between Japanese Gel Nails And Regular Acrylic Nails?

Japanese gel nails are much more durable than regular acrylic nails. They also look more natural and longer lasting.

How Long Do These Nails Last?

The lifespan of these fake nails depends on how well you take care of them. If you apply them properly and use them according to the package instructions, they will last up to two weeks before they need to be replaced. If you don't keep them clean or don't use enough glue, they may not last as long.

Do Gel Nails Damage My Natural Nails?

No! Japanese gel nails do not damage your natural nails at all; they are just as strong and durable as your own natural nails.