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Red Kabuki Mask - Fiberglass

Red Kabuki Mask - Fiberglass

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   The armour of fierce Japanese Warriors Samurai Masks  

Samurai or Warrior Masks - The armour of Japanese warriors to intimidate the enemies and protect the Samurai's head is still as tempting as anything. These aren't just masks but the symbolic representation of bravery and to protect the nobler.

Transform into a magical creature of myth and legend with this Samurai Mask! Whether you're looking to explore your primal side or just want to add a touch of whimsy to your day, this mask is perfect for you! Made from high-quality materials, this mask is durable and built to last.

Japanese theatres have also adopted these masks to represent the brave war souls and characters from traditional war stories. Two traditional theatrical art forms Noh and Kabuki also utilize Samurai Masks to bring the folklore Samurai soldiers to life.


👺  The handcrafted Samurai masks (or Mempo masks) are crafted meticulously and a true reflection of the original Samurai masks to replicate a similar feeling.

👺  Disguise your true identity to create fear in the hearts of enemies. Wear the Samurai masks in theatrical plays, cosplay, Shinto ceremonies, Airsoft plays, or Halloween.

👺  Complete your look for festive dress occasions, themed parties, or theatrical roles with supporting accessories such as fake swords and body armour.

👺  The elastic band is adjustable to make a comfortable fit for all head sizes.


  • This Samurai Mask is custom product. Handmade and painted by skillful artist.
  • This mask is made from high quality fiberglass. Can be used for airsoft and paintball game. Suit for decoration also.
  • Size : 6.5 Wide 10 High 3.5 Deep (Inch). Free size fit most adults.
  • Padding : We provide a soft fabric inside the mask. A strap can adjustable to match with your physical face.
  • Eyes : We provide metallic mesh.

Details: This mask is suit for bb gun and airsoft game. It's can be Halloween Costume also. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.

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Customer Reviews

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Jane Schowalter

It's impressive for quality price I'm very happy with it

Bettie Beahan

Perfect, as in the description and photos, even for color effects. Very well packaged and protected. I recommend this seller.

Ryan Daugherty

The delivery was very fast

Ola Wuckert

it's awesome, fits perfectly, and it's a great material, i thought it would be flexible but it's not. that's cool.

Adella Kunze

It arrived in perfect condition! Thank you very much!