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6 Sushi Rice Maker Molds

6 Sushi Rice Maker Molds

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Material: Food Grade Polypropylene(PP)


  • Bear mold: 68x65x37mm/2.68x2.56x1.46"
  • Piggy mold: 70x63x38mm/2.76x2.48x1.50"
  • Mickey mold: 68x62x37mm/2.68x2.44x1.46"
  • Flower mold: 68x66x38mm/2.68x2.60x1.50"
  • Love heart mold: 66x62x37mm/2.60x2.44x1.46"
  • Small triangle mold: 66x63x38mm/2.60x2.48x1.50"
  • Big triangle mold: 76x73x42mm/2.99x2.87x1.65"
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