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Hannya Bronze Mask

Hannya Bronze Mask

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   Add some danger and rebellion to your look with the Hannya Mask! 

This demonic mask is inspired by the demon Hannya from Japanese mythology, and it's sure to turn heads when you wear it. It's made of high-quality materials and it's easy to wear, so you can transform yourself into a creature of nightmares in just a few seconds. With its intricate details, this mask is sure to impress at your next masquerade party.

👺  Bring the mysteries of Japanese theater home with you with this authentic Hannya Mask. This demon mask is perfect for collectors and Noh theater fans, or anyone who wants to add an air of mystery and terror to their look.

👺  This Japanese Hannya Mask is perfect for Halloween! It's made to resemble the face of a demon, and it's sure to scare your friends and family!

👺  Complete your look for festive dress occasions, themed parties, or theatrical roles with supporting accessories such as fake swords and body armour.

👺  It's durable and will last long enough to give plenty of scares.

This Hannya Bronze Mask is a unique and beautiful piece of art that will be admired by everyone who sees it. The intricate details, handcrafted with the highest quality bronze mask, give the mask its captivating aesthetic. Additionally, this mask offers an interesting conversation point as it's inspired by Japanese Noh theater from the 14th century. It is sure to draw attention as a focal point in any room or collection space.

Material: Plastic

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Cloyd Robel

high quality!

Arvid Stiedemann

Love it !