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Geta Japanese Sandal

Geta Japanese Sandal

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If you're a stylish person(😎), then don't hesitate to buy this. These Japanese Geta Shoes are traditional wooden shoes in maroon color with cotton fabric stripes. They are considered prestige items today because of their beauty and simplicity. 

These shoes were originally worn by feudal lords, samurai warriors, and Daimyo to walk in swampy rice paddies during the Edo period.

Size: 35-42mm

Gender: Unisex


geta sandal


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michelle Fadel

Perfect! I'm 38 and I took 39 but if you have wide feet like me take 40 so two size above because despite that it's 39 It's a little bad and the behind you very difficult but it is not a problem! I was a little afraid for the form but I recommend

Francesco Erdman

Everything is fine, the quality is good, !! Take at least 1 size more!!!

Josie Kiehn

I love it! Usually I buy sneakers or shoes between 37-38, I ordered size 43 when I measured the sole as suggested, I have a little space left in the heel inside everything is perfect, they bring socks

Verla Strosin

Sandals are more comfortable than I expected, outsole and do not slip. In addition the strips are padded so it avoids friction. The size in my case is correct, it happens that in people with very long fingers it comes out a little bit.

Gabriella Heller

The sizes arrived as 42 and fits well, no difficulty or any issues wearing and walking in it plus the suitable socks are nice that they're included! Love the color and the style!