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Slipknot Mask for Halloween - Fiberglass

Slipknot Mask for Halloween - Fiberglass

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Transform into your favorite Slipknot band member this Halloween with our authentic fiberglass Slipknot Mask! Our masks are hand-crafted by experienced artists and made to the highest standards. The fiberglass material is superior in comfort, durability, and lightness, making it an ideal choice for a night of wild festivities. The vivid details provide a realistic look that will have you feeling like a true metal rockstar. Plus, the adjustable elastic strap makes them comfortable to wear all night long!

 Handmade and painted by skillful artists.
✅ This mask is made from high-quality fiberglass. 
✅ We provide flexible foam and cover with too-soft fabric inside of all masks. The strap can adjustable to match your physical face.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Karen Greenfelder

Cute mask, good quality recommended

Simeon Doyle

good product

Rosanna Rau

I liked it though I don't find it that much like it haha Anyway it still works

Holly Kerluke

super nice

Abdullah Heller

This is an awesome mask. Excellent mold of the face, very accurate to the 1978 film. All you have to do is style the hair .This mask runs kinda big, so if you’ve got a smaller head try wearing a beanie underneath the mask and that’ll take care of that issue. There are a couple of small flesh toned spots, I thought this mask would be solid white all around but that’s okay. Well worth the money though and definitely one of the best masks out there!