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Sniper Smile Mask - Fiberglass

Sniper Smile Mask - Fiberglass

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The Sniper Smile Mask - Fiberglass is the perfect tool for protection and concealment. Crafted with durable fiberglass, this mask provides superior shielding against potential harm while still allowing for facial recognition. Whether you are looking for tactical protection or a unique everyday look, the Sniper Smile Mask – Fiberglass will provide solid defense and reliable comfort. With adjustable straps that make it simple to customize your fit, you can depend on mesh eye coverings to keep away small particles in any environment.

 Handmade and painted by skillful artists.
✅ This mask is made from high-quality fiberglass. 
✅ Size: 16.8*20cm. Weight: 105 grams

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Laverne McCullough

Satisfied but the mask is huge

Scot Rogahn

Good but there were not the black bands in the mask! No matter the product remains well and sent quickly.

Orville Tremblay

Just like the picture, tomó 12 días a México

Walker Wehner

The product is good fits well head, but the opening the eyes and mouth comes leaked. So did a negative adaptation… that told nothing extreme.

Citlalli Haag

Amazing. felt cool. aswell learn how to tie a tie